How To Make Money By Posting Ads On Facebook

Trying to figure out how to make money by posting ads on Facebook can be a bit of a challenge. Especially for anyone who has never posted any advertisements on Facebook before.

You are going to learn exactly how to make money by posting ads on Facebook and how to post your very first ad on Facebook.

Making money by posting ads on Facebook is not extremely hard. In fact, the hardest part is to determine what exactly it is you are trying to promote.

After that, it is simply finding your target audience and figuring out how to keep your advertising budget as low as possible.

Making Money With Facebook Advertising

When you advertise on Facebook, you select the audience you are targeting. Your selected audience and advertiser competition will determine the CPC (cost per click) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) that you will be paying.

The overall goal is to spend less money to promote your product or service while still making money in return.

So for simplicity, lets say you have a product that sells for $1,000. On each unit you sell you make $300. If you can spend $100 in Facebook advertising to profit $200, that is a pretty good deal.

Especially if you streamline the process.

You Need Products And Services To Sell Or Promote On Facebook

In order to make any money with Facebook, you need to either have your own product or service, or have the ability to sell a product or service offered by someone else.

If you already have your own business that provides a service or products then you are already a few steps ahead of anyone wishing to make money posting advertisements on Facebook.

If you do not have your own product or service, you will need to find one. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Affiliate Marketing, Offering Products And Services provided By Someone Else

There are millions of companies that will allow you to offer their products and services. If you make a sale, you get to keep a cut of the profit.

Many large companies such as WalMart and Amazon offer affiliate programs. If someone purchases an item using a link assigned to you, then you will make commission as you were the one who brought them the sale.

Affiliate programs come in many different niches as well as commission structures. So it is important to evaluate each one to determine the most profitable program.

Start Drop Shipping With Facebook

Drop shipping is basically where you find an item that sells for one amount and offer it for a different amount.

For example, lets say there is a pair of shoes selling for $40 and you know you can sell it for $60. That leaves you with a $20 profit.

The customer purchases through you. You go ahead and purchase the shoes from the supplies and have them shipped directly to the customer, keeping the extra $20.

So out of that $20 profit, if you spend $5 in Facebook advertising to make a sale you still walk with $15 in your pocket.

Drop shipping is a very common way people make money with Facebook ads.

Create Your Own Product Or Service And Promote It With Facebook Ads

This business model is going to be one of the most profitable. If you can create your own product or service with low overhead and then promote it with Facebook ads, you can really build a long term solution to financial freedom.

Every day people create products and services. If you do not have anything at the moment to sell, try creating an informational product.

If you have an area of expertise in a specific area, Facebook advertising will allow you to locate a target audience.

Post Advertisements On Facebook For Other Businesses

If you are good at using Facebook’s advertising platform, you can always make money posting ads for other businesses.

If you can find a business that needs advertising but does not have the time or knowledge to post their own ads on Facebook, this in it’s self can be a service.

An example of this would be a local restaurant. If they had an advertising budget of $500 per month. They would pay you and you would spend a few hundred in advertising on Facebook and keep the rest.

You would have to create their advertisements and run their Facebook ad campaigns, as well as bring them customers. If you were successful at doing this, it could be an ongoing business relationship and revenue stream.


These are 4 different ways on how to make money on Facebook by posting ads. With a little creativity you are bound to come up with even more.

It is highly advised to learn Facebook’s advertising platform and to become proficient at utilizing their tools in order to bring yourself monetary success!